About Us

Lily was first aware of her intuitive gifts at a very early age thanks to being able to communicate telepathically as a young child. To this day she has vivid recall of childhood experiences, some of which date back to 3 months of age.

But it wasn’t until 1996 that her skills as an intuitive and inter-dimensional communicator were fully unleashed, including clairvoyance – the gift of seeing, clairaudience – the gift of hearing, and clairsentience – the gift of sensing and knowing. She goes by ‘Lily’, flower of life, a name and an endearment bestowed upon her by her guides.

With a passion for accessing heightened states of awareness and consciousness, Lily serves as an intuitive consultant, mentor and guide for individuals, including entrepreneurs, middle management and executives. Her insights surrounding life transitions and shifts in consciousness have been invaluable to clients around the globe.

Lily’s expertise includes uncovering an individual’s intrinsic talents and life purpose, shedding light on how to optimize personal gifts and passions. She provides insightful, compassionate support as clients navigate through transformative shifts in their evolving life and career paths.

She is adept at zeroing in on what direction or life path to take – from a macro view or big picture, down to the smallest, descriptive nuances. Her clients value this multifaceted approach, coming away from a ‘reading’ with a fresh perspective to consider and a ‘celestial road map’ to explore.

Having spent over 20 years working with blue chip companies in the USA on the corporate, advertising and consulting side, Lily is uniquely poised to provide insights into business issues, from ‘go/no-go’ decisions on launching a new venture, to perspectives on partnerships and business-building opportunities. She integrates wisdom from the higher dimensions with business acumen she has gleaned over the course of her successful professional career.

Beyond these capabilities, Lily is an articulate, intuitive intermediary who can seamlessly connect with individuals who have passed over to the ‘other side’ and have direct communication with them. This includes people as well as animals. She can see them, hear them, feel them and sense their presence as well as their surroundings.

Lily acts as a bridge between our focused conscious perceptions of life and the expanded, incredible awareness of souls who have passed over and are thriving in a spiritual dimension. In essence, Lily is an inter-dimensional communicator. She is able to pick up on specific details and probe to a deep, satisfying level for individual clients, in personal and unique conversations with willing souls who have crossed over.

Some people call this capability a spiritual gift. Others refer to it as a finely honed 6th sense or incredibly heightened intuitive ability.

Lily has been sought after by people in the USA and around the world for her ability to bridge across dimensions and communicate with loved ones on the other side, as well as for the clarity and accuracy of her channeled insights and astute intuitive guidance. Beyond these accomplishments, Lily holds a Doctorate in Psychology and enjoyed a successful career as a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies.