Understanding your life’s
mission and purpose

Not surprisingly, our most frequent request is for assistance in identifying a person’s life purpose and soul’s mission. Lily is able to connect with guides and teachers in the higher realms who lovingly provide insights and perspectives related to your life. This often involves a discussion of issues you are currently dealing with, and how they relate to your soul’s overall mission and purpose.

While some of our clients have strong intuitive abilities, many are not yet at an advanced stage in their development in this regard. Yet, they may have inklings or hunches about what their life’s purpose is, and are seeking verification and greater clarity about it.

Likewise, people with heightened intuitive skills may find it helpful to get an objective perspective through Lily’s ability to communicate across dimensions. This can provide reassurance that some of their own perceptions are confirmed. Furthermore, Lily is usually able to bring through additional, expanded insights for consideration.

Either way, a reading with Lily can be illuminating and very helpful in understanding your life’s plan and soul’s purpose more clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to take place in a session?

At the beginning of the session, Lily will contact your Higher Self, along with guides and teachers who provide insights and perspectives related to your life purpose. Often, they telepathically perceive questions you have in mind about your mission or purpose, and respond accordingly.

Throughout the session you are welcome to ask for clarification, or pose additional questions. Lily will interpret and convey to you any information that she is receiving through her inner vision and hearing, as well as feelings.

How do you know when it would be of value to have a session?

If you resonate with any of the following, then this may be an experience worth considering:

  • Wondering what your true purpose is on Earth
  • Sensing that there must be something bigger, better or more meaningful to do in life, or that something important is missing in your life
  • Unsure of which life path to pursue
  • Feeling a gut sense, longing or subtle urging about a specific course of action to take
  • Having a keen interest in knowing what your Higher Self feels you ought to know or do
  • Wanting to confirm or expand upon your own intuition and inner wisdom

How does a session on my life’s purpose differ from one on past lives?

In a session that focuses on your mission and life purpose, your Higher Self or guides and teachers who come forth will often show and describe a past life, and explain how it relates to your purpose in this lifetime.

Similarly, if you’re having a session devoted to exploring past lives, they will usually make clear the implications that one or more of those lifetimes have on your current life path and purpose.

So regardless of the primary focus of the session, there is typically some overlap or commonality in the information and guidance that you receive between the two types of sessions.

How should I prepare for a session on my life’s purpose?

To prepare for a soul reading, simply think about some of the questions that have been on your mind, or issues that have been concerning you, and jot them down.

Focus on the bigger picture . . .

  • What am I on Earth to do?

not the smaller nuances in life . . .

  • What kind of car should I buy?

Once you have a handle on the bigger or more significant issues, the smaller ones will most likely fall into place.

We encourage you to go into a session with an open mind, and to defer judgment. Set your intentions to receive information and insights that are in your highest good. If you do not immediately hear the things you are anticipating, assume that there is value in what has come through, and that there’s a good reason for this information to be conveyed to you at this time.

Lily accesses information from your Higher Self and guides, and these loving beings would not permit anything to be communicated to you that is not in your best interest.