Spiritual ‘hospice’ session

Over many years of making contact with people who have ‘died’ and crossed over to the ‘other side’, Lily has recognized that a great deal of human emotion and concern are focused around the time of transition – from life as we know it, to ‘death’. As a result of connecting clients with loved ones who have already crossed over, and as her work has expanded in this specialized field, Lily’s spiritual practice is increasingly being directed toward family members and friends of someone who is about to cross over.

This dovetails beautifully with Lily’s enduring inter-dimensional understanding and personal respect for the process of crossing over. Clients around the globe are put at ease by how at home Lily is with the transition phase of our life here on Earth.

Lily has had the distinct privilege of assisting individuals and families navigate through the challenges associated with the process of ‘dying’. She has come to realize that there are magnificent gifts and blessings that our family, friends and loved ones can benefit from during this special time, as well as the individual who is crossing over.

Lily is able to assist those involved in gaining more clarity and insight into what is coming next for the individual who is about to make his or her transition. In most situations, loved ones who have already crossed over make their presence known at this crucial time. In fact, Lily has seen this happen in just about every instance, recognizing that this occurs in order to facilitate the person’s transition to the other side – helping to make the transition experience smoother, easier, more comforting and loving.

Time and again Lily has found that the room in which a ‘dying’ person is sitting, laying or resting is filled with souls of loved ones who have already passed – be it the non-physical presence of the dying person’s beloved mother, husband, child, or other relative or friend. Lily has seen long-lost friends who passed decades ago make their appearances and loving sentiments known, as they graciously offer to escort the person who is about to make his or her transition to the other side.

This is important because often, in the transition process, the person who is dying can see and sometimes even communicate with those in the room who have already made their transition to the other side. To family and friends it may seem like the dying person is hallucinating but, in fact, he or she is actually making meaningful contact or having a heartfelt conversation with a ‘dead’ relative or friend who has come over from the other side to visit and bring comfort at this critical time. Through her gifts, Lily is able to be aware of the non-physical beings present in the room and serve as a celestial go-between or interpreter for both the person crossing over as well as ‘living’ family and friends.

For the person whose transition is close at hand, or even imminent, being able to talk with someone like Lily, who has had a near death experience (NDE), is not only comforting, but also uplifting. Having had a NDE in 1985, with full conscious awareness of that ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, Lily feels it is heartwarming to be able to share what she and others have seen, felt and fully experienced during these ‘end of life’ moments.

To Lily, the other side is alive with purpose, delights, beautiful and vivid sights, and soul-nurturing sounds. Love is the prevailing emotion and light abounds amidst a backwash of purity and wholesomeness, as well as a good amount of excitement and enthusiasm. It is anything but dull or boring there, and certainly nothing to feel uncomfortable about, much less fear!

The benefits of a spiritual ‘hospice’ session are also abundant for the surviving relatives and friends. They, too, get to hear about and learn who is making their presence known from the other side, thanks to Lily’s channeled account or play-by-play disclosure of what is taking place in the room or immediate environment. Often there will be a number of ‘dead’ relatives present who not only have important messages and loving insights to share with the individual who is making his or her transition, but also for others who are in the room.

These moments are extraordinary gifts for everyone. From Lily’s perspective, the sharing of such incredible, eye-opening experiences is one of the most magnificent blessings the Universe has to offer. It is simply up to us, our choice, to accept this loving offer and take advantage of these celestial opportunities or moments of spiritual awakening and illumination.

If you or a loved one is interested in participating in a celestial experience of this kind, and benefitting from Lily’s specialized abilities in this meaningful way, she is now available to do this.

The fee for a one-hour spiritual ‘hospice’ session via telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or Signal is $300 USD.

For individuals interested in having access to and making contact with their loved ones after they have crossed over, Lily also offers a special before & after service. This has proven to be incredibly helpful, insightful and comforting as family members and friends on this side move forward in their own healing, education and spiritual evolution.

For more information into this groundbreaking, heart-centered spiritual work, please email Lily at lilyacross33@gmail.com.