Entity identification
and removal

Over the years, I have been increasingly called upon to diagnose what has turned out to be an entity or foreign energy embodiment within individuals. Being well versed in the area of entities and how to release them from people, I have not been surprised by these calls for assistance. But what has surprised me is the growing number of people, and even their pets, who are experiencing symptoms of entity infiltration and the accompanying discomfort, energy drain, addictive behaviors and/or unhappiness.

In light of this growing trend, I felt it was time to publicly offer entity releasements as a specific healing service through this website.

Many of the people I’ve assisted have either not been aware of the concept of entities when they first contacted me, or have not associated the symptoms and issues they are struggling with as being related to entities. But as I begin to work with clients during a session, I’m able to see very clearly with my inner vision if an entity, or multiple entities, is at the core of the problem.

Over the past 20 years I have facilitated hundreds of entity removals with clients around the globe, without making the service publicly known until 2009. As we know, word of mouth referral is perhaps the strongest, most effective form of advertising. In the early years of doing this important healing work, I only performed such sessions in person, as I was able to clearly see the entities lying within my clients when facing them, eye to eye.

Thankfully, after years of personal growth and evolvement in the spiritual-metaphysical arena, and becoming more adept at interfacing with the unseen world, I was gifted with the ability to remove entities in people in a ‘remote’ manner. In essence, I became skilled at tuning into my client’s energy field over the phone (or via skype), detecting the entity(ies) within them, identifying the entities by name and conducting the necessary energetic releasement(s) immediately thereafter, smoothly and efficiently.

Given the magnitude of the circumstances involving entities and the thousands of people around the world who are recognizing that such an entity situation is afflicting them, it is a blessing to be able to help so many individuals without the need for in-person, face to face contact – a win-win for everyone involved.

To learn more about entities, including the telltale signs denoting the presence of an entity, and also get a sense of what an entity releasement session is like, I invite you to read an article that I co-wrote many years ago with a respected colleague and mentor, John.

If you feel that an entity may be at the root of your current emotional and/or physical issue(s), or that your energy field may be compromised by the presence of an entity, I suggest that you contact me for a complimentary 5-minute assessment. In this way I can quickly tune into your energy field and confirm if, in fact, you have been infiltrated by an entity, or multiple entities.

Based on confirming the presence of an entity within you, we would then schedule a 2-hour session to release the foreign energy(ies) and facilitate the appropriate clearing and healing.

The fee for an entity releasement typically ranges from USD $350 – $650 USD, depending on the number of entities to be removed and the time involved. It is rare that a session of this kind exceeds 2 hours.