Releasing Entities and Restoring Fullness of Life

by Lily, Ph.D. and John Hornecker

Entities are disembodied souls that have not made the full transition to the other side, or gone ‘into the light.’ For one reason or another, they have chosen to remain on this earthly dimension after their human existence has ended in physical death.

There are several reasons why a soul may choose not to leave the earth plane at the time of death. There may be a loved one who they do not want to leave, or ‘abandon,’ such as a child or romantic partner. It may involve an addictive behavior, such as gambling, excessive drinking or sexual obsession. Whatever the motivation, the soul remains close to the human realm and sometimes interacts with people who are still very much alive … even though such a person may not be consciously aware of the interaction.

Over the years, we have worked with people around the world who are experiencing issues with entities and have found that there is a wide range of situations involved.

What we’re referring to is a situation where a disembodied soul actually merges into the body of a human being and cohabits with the soul of the host body. Quite commonly it involves a person whose energy field is in a weakened or vulnerable state. This may be the result of emotional trauma, physical illness, use of drugs or pharmaceuticals, or other such scenarios. Once the entity has linked into the human body, it can be quite difficult to disengage it.

Consider, as an example, a client whom we’ve renamed ‘George.’ He came to us because of emotional issues in his life stemming, in part, from an addiction to gambling. He was struggling to understand what was going on within himself. Sometimes he felt an inexplicable sadness, without any apparent cause. Other times he felt energized, on top of the world – fired up and ready to hit the casinos. The mood swings were unpredictable, and they were, understandably, taking a toll on his relationship with his partner. As we began to work with him, it became obvious that he had an entity, sometimes referred to as an ‘uninvited guest,’ lodged within.

One of the characteristics of entities is their desire for concealment so as not to be discovered. As I began to speak directly to the entity inside George, it was startled to be recognized and directly addressed. As I conversed with the entity, it became clear that it had had a long, established, co-dependent relationship with George, dating back 20 years or more. Being inside of George was simply its way of perpetuating addictive activities, from which it derived great pleasure. As it turned out, George’s penchant for gambling had begun shortly after the death of his father. And it may well be that the emotional trauma surrounding his father’s death weakened George’s defenses, providing an energetic doorway for the entity to come in.

Perhaps it would be helpful to explain how we verify whether, or not, an entity is present and how we establish contact with it. Thanks to inner vision, or clairvoyance, I am able to ‘see’ an entity, even if the client is not in my physical presence. When looking directly at a person who has an entity, it appears as a cloud-like silhouette lurking inside the individual’s eyes.

At the point at which the entity is actually ‘seen,’ I receive guidance in the form of an inner voice that usually confirms the entity’s presence. Deep, concentrated focus on the entity draws it into fuller, more conscious contact with me, so that I may begin to communicate with it. Although the entity is normally quite shocked that it has been discovered, it almost always responds to my introductory questions and, in most cases, reveals his or her name and the circumstances surrounding how it got there.

Going back to our work with George, following our normal procedure in such cases, we reminded the entity that it did not have George’s permission to reside within his body. And, that it was George’s desire for him to leave – now. There clearly was no animosity between the entity and George. In fact, the entity exhibited a great deal of concern and compassion about George’s future well-being, since they had both become accustomed to living together as one. Their farewell to each other was very touching and tearful, each blessing the other with words of kindness and appreciation.

At this point, we routinely call in two angels to escort the entity to the Schools of Wisdom within the higher dimensions. The shift in energy in George’s eyes was profound. And George, himself, expressed a feeling of newfound spaciousness within his own body – a feeling of freedom he could not recall having ever experienced before.

Once the entity has been released, we go through a similar process to determine if another entity may also be present. Our experience has shown that where there is one entity, there are often two or more.

In the case of George, a second entity was indeed lurking within. This one was totally surprised to be detected; it had hoped to enjoy the new sense of expansiveness within George, now that the first and more influential entity had been removed.

Following a similar procedure, the second entity was released into the higher realms. But in this case, there was clearly not the depth of connection between the entity and George, although it had resided within George since childhood. Having this second and final entity purged from his body, George felt a tremendous sense of relief and liberation, knowing that he was finally poised to fully reclaim his life. His tears of liberation and gratitude were palpable.

One of the most gratifying rewards of this work is that the effects are experienced immediately and the evidence of a successful clearing is tangibly visible and felt.

Several telltale symptoms are sure-fire giveaways that an entity may be present. Experiencing frequent mood swings, feeling emotionally depressed or low in energy over an extended period of time, including chronic fatigue syndrome, having addictions, or avoiding direct eye contact are just a few of the signals that indicate the possible presence of an entity.

Why might energy depletion be linked to an entity? An easy way to think of it is to consider the body as a complete unit – in other words, 100% ‘you.’ If part of your energy field is drawn upon by an entity, there is less than 100% left for you to live the full life you want to lead.

One might also question why an addiction may be associated with an entity. Consider people who have lived a life addicted to taking chemical substances, drinking alcohol, overeating, excessive shopping, or any of a number of other seemingly unstoppable habits. Despite the fact that human life ends at some point, the soul lives on without end. And in some cases, the soul does not wish to give up these tantalizing activities. By remaining within the field of human life, an entity has the opportunity to continue to experience the pleasures of the addictive behavior through the body of a host – usually an unsuspecting host.

In fact, for those psychics with the gift of sight or clairvoyance, it is not surprising to see many entities ‘floating around’ in bars, gambling casinos or other locations where addictive behaviors are continually lived out. Many entities are literally laying in wait for the opportunity to merge into a person whose defenses are down, such as someone who is inebriated, so they can begin to imbibe, once again.

Having acknowledged this, we want to emphasize that entity situations do not always imply a host with unsavory habits. In some cases it may simply be a codependent attraction between two souls, oftentimes stemming from a close soul connection over multiple lifetimes. In such instances, the intent is anything but malevolent. However, an entity situation is never in the highest good of either the person or the entity and, therefore, should be remedied as soon as possible.

Our work in dealing with entities grew out of energy healing work, as it became apparent that physical and emotional disturbances are sometimes the result of an ‘uninvited guest’ coexisting within the person’s energy field. Our spirit guides have been instrumental in teaching us how to recognize the presence of entities and facilitate their removal in a loving and compassionate, yet strong and straightforward manner. As with any form of healing, a precondition of entity removal is the expressed desire and full cooperation of the person involved.

Having performed countless sessions – each unique in its own way – what has been consistent are the profound changes that have taken place in the individual as a result of the entity’s removal. And with this comes the knowledge that there is real hope for thousands of people around the globe who are craving to lead healthy, emotionally fulfilling lives, but have not been able to access the right key. This work proves that there is a remedy and that the key is within reach.