‘Other Side’

Communicating with loved ones on the ‘other side’

There is great comfort in being able to connect with loved ones on the ‘other side’ to be assured that their life journey is continuing on in another realm. Oftentimes, there are emotional challenges associated with the death process, such as coping with prolonged, debilitating illness, or the shock of a fatal accident. So it can be very reassuring to communicate with those who have passed over – to know, through their own words and expressions, that they have indeed healed and are now enjoying ‘life’ in its fullness.

In some cases there is ‘unfinished business’ with loved ones on the other side, such as conflicts or misunderstandings that were not resolved prior to the person’s crossing over. Lily can be of assistance in helping to mediate and heal situations of this nature.

Some of the things we do are similar to what you may have seen on TV, on older popular programs in the USA such as Medium or Ghost Whisperer. Or you may have read something similar to what we do in a bestseller, such as Talking to Heaven, Life After Life or Crossing Over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you always able to make contact with the person on the other side?

Thanks to Lily’s exceptional gifts, she is able to connect with a client’s loved one on the other side and carry on a form of conversation or communication with that individual in about 9 out of 10 cases. Sometimes the communication is 1-way, with a lucid message from the individual who has crossed over to the person who is still here in the physical realm. Other times, however, a 2-way conversation takes place that is nothing short of phenomenal. In almost every case, Lily is able to obtain some information about the person who has passed over, usually from the individual’s guides or Higher Self.

When and how often can I contact someone?

There is no definitive rule of thumb when it comes to contacting someone who has recently passed over. However, our experience has shown that it is usually a matter of 2-4 months before direct contact can be made. Occasionally though, Lily has made contact within days of a person’s transition to the other side. In other situations, the person may need several months, or even a year or more to go through a period of healing and reorientation in their new ‘life’ before they are ready for interaction with those of us still here in the physical world.

If you are considering a session of this nature with Lily, you may call and give her the name of the person you wish to contact. She is usually able to sense fairly quickly whether on not the person would be available for communication before an actual session is scheduled.

As to how frequently a person on the other side may be reached, each situation is unique. The guiding principle is to sense how often the individual is available or interested in making contact, and to honor the circumstances that the soul is currently experiencing on the other side. For example, if a person who has crossed over needs ‘time’ to acclimate to being there, possibly clearing up confusion or healing from disorientation, or is presently immersed in learning an important soul lesson, then it is good spiritual stewardship to respectfully space out appointments to every 2-3 months, or until such time as more open and fluid communication is sensed, or welcomed.

Can friends or family members join me in a session with someone who has crossed over?

Yes. We can set up a conference call that includes additional people, and once everyone is on the line, Lily will then contact the person on the other side. However, it is important that each person participating in the conference call be open and receptive to the experience. And, just like any teleconference, communication can become confusing or distracting if too many people are participating. Having 3 or 4 people involved is usually very workable.

Do you have facilitators who can participate in a session with me?

If you are unsure or concerned about the types of questions to ask, feel nervous or shy about the process, or simply want to have a friendly advocate guiding you through the session every step of the way, an experienced Across Dimensions facilitator is available to provide assistance navigating through this intriguing, if unusual process.

During a session, Lily is sometimes speaking as herself, but at other times she verbalizes thoughts and feelings on behalf of the person who has passed over. Within this context, she serves as the communication conduit or channel to those who have passed. The facilitator enhances the overall process, maximizing every minute you are in contact with someone on the other side.

While many clients choose to have a private session with Lily, those who opt to have an experienced facilitator participate have valued greatly from what this person brings to the table:

  • added emotional support
  • fresh insights; different perspective
  • clarifying questions

Of course, whether a facilitator is present or not, the client is always encouraged to ask his/her personal questions.

Another benefit to having a facilitator present is to allow Lily to stay completely focused on making contact with the individual on the other side and bringing through the pure communication without having to play a dual role – that of ‘inter-dimensional communicator’ and interviewer.

Can I contact someone who crossed over a long time ago, like 50 or 60 years ago?

People on the other side do not perceive or experience time in the same way that we do. So if there is a strong connection with someone, it does not make a great deal of difference if they passed over 5 or 50 years ago. However, the longer it has been since a person crossed over, the more likely it is that they may have come back into physical embodiment, and are no longer be available for contact.

How does Lily actually make contact with the person on the other side – what is the process?

Lily starts the process based on the name of the person you’re interested in learning about – the ‘target’ person. Since the connection involves you as well as the person you want to contact, it is helpful for her to know the relationship between the two of you. Based on this information, Lily then extends a telepathic ‘invitation’ to the individual.

Lily’s inner vision, or 3rd eye, is one of her strongest assets. Through this ‘second sight’, she is able to see people who are no longer in a physical body. Additionally, she hears souls speak, feels their emotions, and sees words, symbols and metaphorical pictures that the individuals show her – providing convergent validity for the information and feelings being conveyed across the dimensions. Lily then conveys and interprets all of this information for you.

If you have questions that you want to ask, or something you want to say, Lily serves as a ‘bridge’ between you and the person on the other side, and conveys the question or information to them. If the telepathic connection is particularly strong, the individual can virtually speak through Lily, using their own words and phrases. Sometimes these nuances of language provide unexpected confirmation of the identity of the person you’re making contact with.

How do I prepare for a session of this nature?

As a client, you’ll want to prepare for this type of session by coming up with questions you wish to ask, as well as the information you wish to convey to the person you would like to contact.

Do your best to have no expectations, fears or concerns about the experience or the outcome – conjuring up what the person will say, or not say to you. Many times people expect their loved ones to pick up where they left off while still alive, but this is rarely the case.

We’ve noticed that once a person has ‘died’ and crossed over, their frame of reference, interests and values often change – virtually always for the better. For example, people who were very concerned about having enough money when they were in the physical world, may have a very different, non-materialistic perspective after their transition.

Keeping an open mind, deferring judgment and appreciating the astonishing nature of this kind of communication process will help to maximize your experience.

Can Lily connect with animals, such as household pets, that have crossed over?

This may come as a surprise, but pets and other animals who have ‘died’ also continue their life on the other side. Similar to the Pet Psychic on Animal Planet, Lily has an uncanny ability to make contact with pets or other animals with whom you have had a close connection. This may include dogs, cats, horses, mules, reptiles or birds. Our sense is that there is no limit regarding animal species she can connect with, since communication is taking place on the ‘soul’ level.

The communication process mirrors what happens when she connects with a human soul. Lily hears words, sees symbols, pictures and also senses the animal’s feelings. It is a multi-dimensional dialogue that gets the animal’s message across in an unmistakable manner.

In many cases, the death of a pet involves heart-wrenching decisions regarding euthanasia. We have never experienced a situation where the pet was not grateful for having been released from an incapacitated physical body. And it can be very comforting to receive that reassurance from your pet, after he/she has crossed over.