Communicating with
a person’s Higher Self

Over the years, many clients have asked Lily if there is a way to communicate with friends and loved ones who are physically or emotionally inaccessible. For example, you may have a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s who is confused or unable to carry on a coherent conversation, or a spouse who has had a stroke or brain injury and is left with impaired cognitive abilities. Or you may know a child with a severe case of autism or cerebral palsy who is unable to verbalize or clearly convey what he or she is thinking and feeling. Or perhaps there is someone in your life who has slipped out of your friendship circle and remains distant and aloof, or an individual who you’ve simply lost touch with but wish to reconnect with in a meaningful way.

The good news is that communication with any of these people is possible – by contacting the person’s Higher Self, or soul. In essence, a conversation takes place between you, the client, and the Higher Self of the individual you wish to talk to. It’s not the physical, human part of the person you’re conversing with, but rather, their Higher Self. In some ways, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two. Ideally, the Higher Self comes across reflecting the most positive, honoring aspects of the person – unmistakable personality characteristics of the individual come through but usually without trace of ‘attitude baggage’.

How does it work?

Lily serves as the vessel or conduit for bringing through thoughts, feelings, perceptions, wishes and insights that emanate from the person’s Higher Self. To do this, Lily and you, the client, set the intention to connect with the individual who you wish to contact – focusing on that person’s Higher Self, not their human self.

Once Lily has made contact, she conveys what she is hearing, seeing and sensing as it comes through from that person’s Higher Self. Occasionally, the process takes on added dimension and Lily literally allows her body to be used by the person’s Higher Self so it can speak directly to you, carrying on a meaningful conversation. This is also known as full body channeling.

How can you benefit?

Communication with a person’s Higher Self has proven to be invaluable in situations in which you want to:

  • Understand what an individual’s genuine needs and wishes are, such as preferences involving health care issues or living environment
  • Get a firsthand sense of a loved one’s feelings about issues involved in a living will, or related to estate planning
  • Make amends – expressing forgiveness for perceived wrong-doing, oversight or possible neglect; setting the record straight to the best of your ability
  • Open the door and pave the way for reestablishing contact with someone who has been out of your life for too long
  • Express love, compassion or gratitude to someone you care about but are out of touch with, or cannot locate
  • Create a dialog with someone who you are not physically or emotionally able to communicate with – perhaps an ex-spouse regarding issues pertaining to the well-being of your children, or a partner who you feel you are not connecting with regarding issues in your relationship