Quantum energy work
– transformative shifts

During a session with Lily, clients receive healing and upliftment energy in concert with their reading. The specific energies that are channeled are in direct response to what is in the individual’s highest good at the time.

For individuals seeking to receive focused energy work, Lily offers a powerful approach anchored in quantum physics, Matrix Energetics and inter-dimensional guidance that she receives intuitively. Unlike more traditional ‘healing’ techniques, this quantum energy work focuses on transformation, leveraging the morphic field of possibilities to produce observable shifts in the person, often instantaneously. Unlike traditional healing that focuses on a problem that needs to be resolved, transformation is about accessing the universal field of unlimited possibilities and allowing breakthrough shifts to happen.

This type of energy work can have a very positive impact on virtually any issue that a client wishes to focus upon, from physical distress (such as body and headaches, limited mobility or low energy level) to emotional disquietude (such as symptoms of depression or low self-esteem) and situational circumstances (such as a challenging relationship or slow business cycle). In essence, the possibilities are limitless – there is no issue or symptom that this quantum energy process cannot address. The only constraint, if there is one, is having limited expectations or upholding rules-based logical thinking. The more you let go, the more far-reaching are the possible outcomes. Quantum energy work leaves logic and predictability in the dust. It’s about creative solutions, magical opportunities, and unexpected positive outcomes.

Added benefits are that the process works equally well when performed remote (long distance) as it does in person, as well as with animals. Beloved pets respond very quickly to the process. Lily has had heartwarming successes assisting people with diverse issues, from California to Europe and Asia.

What is involved in a quantum energy session?

When the energy work is performed in person, the client is usually standing upright at the beginning of the session, if this is possible or comfortable for the individual. When the work is done remotely (long distance via phone, Skype, WhatsApp or Signal), the client is seated for most of the session.

A light touch is first applied to two separate points on the client’s body. Often there are 2-3 different points that are touched in sequence, sometimes more depending on the inner guidance Lily receives. During a remote session, Lily uses her inter-dimensional skills to tap into a hologram or energetic grid of the client, where the hologram serves as a powerful surrogate for the client. Since energy is not constrained by time or space/distance, this works extremely well for the client.

Because this energy work is rooted in the most fundamental level of reality, as described by quantum physics, the entire experience takes no more than 15-20 minutes depending on the issue, the focused intention of the client, and the guidance Lily receives on behalf of her client. Since the possibilities for transformative shifts are limitless, it is not surprising for clients to experience more than one positive outcome. For example, if a client’s main issue is a physical discomfort, such as lower back pain, then that is the starting point of the energy work. But because the morphic field is activated in this work, the energy that it taps into goes beyond that starting point or initial focus area. In the case of the client with lower back pain, she is likely to find that a couple of other issues have shifted for the better or magically resolved from the same session, such as an improved business situation or a lightness of spirit – like getting a celestial bonus.

What outcomes can be expected?

There are two possible experiential outcomes from a session of this kind: either you feel something positive or you do not notice anything at all. There is no negative or harmful effect from this work. If nothing is noticed on a physical or tangible level, it does not mean that ‘nothing’ happened. Sometimes the energies are so subtle, that the transformative shifts happen without observable fanfare. Additionally, shifts may be felt up to two weeks from the time of the session since the process is organic in nature, unfolding in wave-like currents over the course of 1-2 weeks. Yet for some, the immediate effect(s) of a quantum energy session can be striking – from obvious releases or unexpected body movements, to spontaneous ‘healing’ and desired turnarounds.

During the session itself, some people experience waves of energy, chills or goose bumps, a swaying of the body, a tilting of the body or head to one side or the other mild releases, such as yawning or light coughing, a feeling of calm or peacefulness, some light-headedness (not unpleasant), relaxation or even sleepiness. Yet others do not detect anything different about themselves, and that is perfectly fine and normal.

As the facilitator, Lily monitors her own body and emotions during the session, as well as the client’s, noticing telltale signs confirming that the energy work has taken effect – that the morphic field connecting the client with her was successfully accessed and that shifts have taken place. To the extent possible, she provides an on-going account of the guidance she is receiving on behalf of the client, along with the types of energies she is tapping into for the individual. At the end of the session, she debriefs the client, providing a running account of what she sensed and experienced during the session.

It is not uncommon for an individual to request a second or third follow-up session to solidify or extend the initial work performed, or to work on a different issue. There are times when the shift(s) that took place become less noticeable over time or revert back. That is when a follow-up session can be very helpful, triggering the positive outcome again or enhancing it.

The fee for a quantum energy session lasting up to 25 minutes is $125.00 USD.

What clients are saying about these sessions:

To give you a little diary up date, I feel great. Something has happened, Lily. I feel a sense of separateness, you know, like a tree. I feel like a great big strong oak tree standing alone and majestically, honestly, that is how I feel. Totally centered and totally at one with the nature that surrounds me.

If you asked me to use four words only to describe the difference between me today and me last week before the session, what would I say… hmm…! Single, light, tall and spreading in a way, like the tree again – like spreading my branches to the light… Wow, even talking about it makes me feel amazing.

With your help with the matrix energy healing, I still feel incredibly strong. I can hardly believe myself at all. It can only be the morphic energy. I feel great and want to stay that way, so would you be able to do another session with me please? There is an amazing shift going on in my energies. Today I got up feeling so positive and rested. Then I went to see the reflexologist and she said that she had never felt me to be more centered. Thank you, Lily.

GB – England

* * *

For the past 8 years, I have experienced episodes where I would wake early in the morning (about 4:30am) with a severe headache. A few hours later, I would be nauseous and unable to keep down food or even a sip of water. This would continue until mid-afternoon or later. Then I would finally be able to drink and possibly eat again but my body would be weak and very hot for another day.

The last time this started, I contacted Lily for a Matrix Energetics session. When she called around 9am, I was so sick I could barely talk. She worked on me for a short while and then I went to sleep. When I awoke about 11am, the nausea was completely gone and the headache was 85% gone. By evening, I was eating regular food and feeling energetic. My sense is that ME stopped the whole pattern of these incidences.

While I am a novice at ME myself, I believe that Lily’s training and experience allowed her to bring about a more potent healing than I could have done on my own. I am so grateful to Lily for giving me many more healthy days in the future!

JR – South Dakota

* * *

Regarding the energy work: I felt very serene and delicate (in a good way). The good effects were wonderful; I wish I were able to experience it longer.

JF – North Carolina

* * *

Thank you so much for the energy treatment. It was a phenomenal experience and I continue to feel the vibrational reverberations. If ever I call for a reading and you think this is what I need instead, I am open to that. You are such a gifted healer and I feel so privileged and blessed to have reconnected with you.

MC – Canada

* * *

I’ve noticed I really feel like I’m letting go of all the emotional attachments I’ve had to my issues. I’ve completely taken my attention off of my main concern and the last few days it’s felt almost like I’ve never had this issue, like it never happened. It feels like the work you did is greatly assisting me in letting go instead of always worrying over trying to fix this.

CHS – Tennessee

* * *

Here is a little about what has happened since my treatment with you. I have a lot of energy swirling and am feeling light-headed, coming in waves. My body is being very picky about what I want to eat and what I don’t want to eat, and I am believing that there is a diet shift underway.

I found it interesting that the first place you put your hand was on my right shoulder. This shoulder was injured coming back from our India trip, and re-injured since, and is in a lot of pain. The pain has not subsided; however, more mobility is in place.

You were also guided to put a hand on each shoulder. My experience is that my left arm and hand have increased significantly in their ability to ‘do’ things. I have been right hand dominant almost to an extreme, but I found myself using my left hand to do a number of tasks in the last couple of days and I did so without thinking about it, something that I have not done in many years. In the 90’s my messages to my left arm stopped being very effective and although I have healed from that period, this was a residual effect. I can feel this healing. With deep gratitude,

BW – Virginia