Animal communication

Thanks to the popularity of the cable TV channel, Animal Planet, and its respected pet psychic, the idea of communicating with the animal kingdom is more widely accepted than ever before. Likewise, books and workshops on animal communication are gaining popularity, becoming more commonplace.

Relying on the expert help of an intuitive or psychically gifted individual such as Lily, animal lovers now have the opportunity for a 2-way ‘conversation’ with their beloved pets.

For over a decade, Lily has had the distinction of being able to intuitively connect with several animal species, including dogs, cats, horses, mules, birds and reptiles. Whether a client’s pet is not feeling well, showing signs of distress or old age, is unable to get along with other animals in the household, is getting ready to make a transition, or simply displaying unusual or concerning behavior, Lily has been instrumental in quickly getting to the heart of the matter.

Lily is able to help individuals gain insights into their pet’s situation and understand what’s happening in its life – from the animal’s own point of view. In the majority of cases, she is able to clearly channel the animal’s own thoughts, feelings and desires. In essence, Lily serves as the conduit for communication, sometimes becoming the human ‘voice box’ for the animal.

Connecting with pets that have crossed over

Taking this a step further, Lily is also able to make contact with animals that have crossed over to the ‘other side’. Such inter-dimensioinal conversations have proven to be heartwarming and illuminating. Clients consistently come away feeling enlightened and comforted, often immensely relieved. This is especially true in cases where individuals had to make the difficult decision of having their pet euthanized, and have been carrying feelings of guilt ever since.

Making contact

If an animal of yours is experiencing a new or recurring issue, or if you would simply like to have more direct, one-to-one conversation with your loving pet, Lily can be of invaluable assistance – whether your pet is living or has crossed over to the ‘other side’.