Business Decisions

Optimizing your business decisions —
accessing insights to maximize success

Whether your business issue involves revitalizing a company, launching a new product, dealing with questionable investors, deliberating over a new hire or forging a strategic alliance, or working your way through a challenging legal issue, Lily has had ample experience accessing intuitive wisdom and targeted insights that have greatly benefited her clients around the globe.

As a gifted intuitive guide, Lily is able to tune into many aspects of life, including business and industry. She is well poised to do this, having a Ph.D. in psychology, working for over 20 years both in corporations and advertising agencies, and serving as a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies and successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to the depth and breadth of her professional background, she understands the realities and challenges of business and finance, with its myriad opportunities and potential risks.

With this as a foundation, Lily has a unique capability. She is able to seamlessly bridge the worlds of business and intuitive wisdom. For over 15 years, Lily has assisted high level professionals across a broad spectrum of industries in navigating through heady business decisions with her intuitive flashes and astute insights.

Her clients value the clear direction she provides that positively impacts their bottom line – ‘go/no-go’ insights that lead to new business venture ideas and increased revenues; advice on profitable alliances; tips on capital management; insights that help safeguard against unwise business partnerships or enterprises; and much more.

Lily has been invited to hold advisory level roles in privately held companies and non-profit organizations, playing a key role in strategic ideation sessions and executive decision making meetings. In this capacity, she serves as an intuitive conduit for the flow of new ideas and fresh business-building perspectives, as well as an astute sounding board against which her clients’ hunches can be evaluated.

Lily is available for professional consultation by phone, Skype, WhatsApp or Signal.