Past Lives

Getting a glimpse of your past lives

The idea that we have lived several lifetimes before this one is a belief that is widely held around the globe. In fact, according to a 2005 Gallup poll, 20% of Americans believe in reincarnation, as do the vast majority of those throughout the world who practice Hinduism and Buddhism.

Several highly reputable people have done extensive studies on the subject of reincarnation and past lives, and written on the topic in best-selling books. Among these researchers are Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters; Same Soul, Many Bodies), Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls; Destiny of Souls) and Dolores Cannon (Between Life & Death; A Soul Remembers Hiroshima; Past Life Experiences with Christ).

Lily is able to access information about past lives you’ve had that may shed light on issues that are affecting your life today. This may involve current relationships or repetitive patterns of behavior that you came into this lifetime to understand and transform.

Reviewing past lives may also trigger awareness of innate talents and special areas of interest. Gaining insight into these can provide an opportunity to explore and express similar interests again in this lifetime.

Since many people who are living today have had numerous lives prior to this one, it is impossible to touch upon all of them in a single reading. That is where your own inner wisdom or ‘Higher Self’ comes into play, directing Lily to focus on those specific lifetimes that are most relevant and important for you to know about at the present time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a past life reading similar to a past life regression? What can I expect?

Unlike a past life ‘regression’, where the client is regressed back in time from the present to a previous lifetime through guided meditation or hypnotherapy, Lily uses a different approach to retrieve past life information. Thanks to her unique gift, Lily is able to get a fairly well developed glimpse of your past lives, and describe these to you with uncanny, photogenic detail and accuracy regarding the surroundings she ‘sees’ – be it a quiet village in medieval Europe, a stone tower in ancient Greece, or a rice paddy field in 17th century Japan. Lily is not only able to describe the locale, but also picks up on the tone, mood and feeling of that life situation with remarkable clarity.

How do I prepare for a past life reading?

To prepare for a past life reading, simply relax and try to feel at ease. Do your best to have no expectations, fears or concerns about the outcome. Many times people hope to learn that they were some famous person in a past life, such as Aristotle, Cleopatra, Mozart or some other notable figure. However, in all our years of doing readings like this, we have yet to meet someone whose past lives coincided with such celebrated figures.

More often than not, the lifetimes that surface for a client are closer to the ordinary than the fantastic. Yet even these seemingly run-of-the mill lifetimes are characterized by interesting, sometimes colorful details. We have come across people who have lived past lives as slaves and masters, princes and craftsmen, scientists and simple-minded folks – there is no telling what might come up until Lily gets in touch with your Higher Self, communicating directly with your soul.

During the reading you’ll be able to ask questions of Lily to clarify or elaborate on any of the information that she brings through for you.

As with all our sessions, we encourage you to go into a reading with Lily with an open mind, and to defer judgment. Set your intention to receive information and insights that are in your highest good. If you do not immediately hear the things you are looking or hoping for, assume that there is great value in what has come through, and that there is a worthy reason for this particular information to be conveyed to you at this time.

What can this experience do for me?

A past life reading offers many benefits. It can shed light on issues that are affecting your life today, and reveal insights regarding certain patterns of behavior or thinking, such as insecurity and self-doubt, fears and phobias, or relationship difficulties. Readings can also reveal talents that you developed and finely honed in a prior life, or perhaps interests and activities that you would like to explore again in this lifetime.

Over the years we have learned that getting insight into a previous life virtually always has value for our present lifetime. For example, in considering what line of work you may wish to be involved in, a past life reading may indicate a strong proclivity that you’ve had before this lifetime, possibly in the arts, sciences or educational realm. This awareness may spark a new perspective within you regarding a recurring feeling you’ve had to pursue such an interest, not consciously realizing that you’ve already covered this ground in a previous lifetime and, therefore, have this innate ability imbued within your soul’s structure or cellular DNA.

We often see this happening with people who are drawn to the healing and performing arts. A past life in either of these areas tends to lay a solid foundation and pathway for succeeding in such a career in one’s present life. In some cases, formal training is not even required in the present lifetime when one has excelled in a specific vocation in a previous lifetime.