Make Peace with Your Past and Heal Instantly

by Lily

In readings and energy sessions with my clients, I often get new ideas for helping individuals heal from age-old emotional wounds or traumas that continue to spark pain and anguish. My work with Ancestral Healings1 has gone a long way toward addressing the psychic and emotional pain many clients have and transmuting it into acceptance, resolution and newfound peace. But sometimes this powerful ancestral process is not what’s called for, and the Guides show us a different pathway to take – one that brings about energetic clearing and a renewed state of balance and inner harmony in an equally profound, and sometimes surprising way.

One of the new processes shown to me involves communicating with your essence self, or Higher Self, either in an earlier part of your life, or in a past life. In these sessions, I serve as the conduit for bringing through the voice, feelings and perspective of my client – either as an infant or young child in this life, or who the client was in a previous lifetime.

In some ways the process resembles a past life regression, but is more powerful. This process doesn’t require the client to step back in time; rather, that responsibility and honor are placed on my shoulders. With the able help of the Guides, I embrace aspects of my client’s essence self so that he/she can have a real-time conversation with himself/herself – that is, with her Higher Self from an earlier period of time, either in this lifetime or a past life.

Let me give you a couple of examples from real life cases with my clients. Victoria (not her real name) was born into a wealthy family and had the good fortune to experience what many would call a charmed life – from outward appearances, at least. What people didn’t know, though, was that at the tender age of 18 months, Victoria’s parents took her to live with an aunt, while her parents worked out crucial issues in their lives and their marriage. Despite the fact that Victoria was merely a year and a half old at the time, her perception of the world around her was clear and vividly alive. Feeling that she had been ‘abandoned’ by her parents left deep emotional scars.

In her adult life, after years of doing excellent inner work – including classical therapy and groundbreaking spiritual/metaphysical/energy approaches – Victoria continued to feel held back by a sense of abandonment. Understandably, she traced back these feelings to the unforgettable experience of being left with a surrogate family, one she barely knew at the time. And in hearing this, the Guides immediately suggested that we get in touch with that little girl who was left behind. But how?

From an altered state of consciousness I am able to make contact with people’s Higher Selves. So after getting into a deep meditative place, I asked for the presence of Victoria’s Higher Self to join us, and also requested to connect with little Victoria – age 18 months. Since from my perspective, all time is one, this is possible. Within a matter of moments, I felt, ‘saw’ and ‘heard’ a very young voice whisper to me – “Who are you?” I immediately described the beautiful little girl I was ‘seeing’ with my 3rd eye to Victoria and she confirmed that the toddler was, in fact, the spitting image of herself at that young age, based on photos she had seen of her early childhood.

The conversation that took place between ‘little’ Victoria and the ‘present’ Victoria from that moment forward was nothing short of miraculous. Using my voice box, I full-body-channeled little Victoria and she shared what it was like when her parents “dropped her” at her aunt’s house – essentially like being left with a stranger. The baby’s cries to her mother, begging her not to leave her, were heart wrenching. Feelings of imminent death filled every cell of my being as I full-body-channeled this frightened, distraught baby girl.

Perhaps more amazing was the incredible dialogue that took place between the adult Victoria – a brilliant, youthful, energetic 65-year old woman – and her 18-month old essence self – a meek, terrified, crying-out-to-be-heard little girl. Baby Victoria looked up at Victoria through my eyes and asked her who she was: “Are you my mother?” adding, softly, “I wish you were my mother, you’re so kind. You have such a kind, gentle voice.”

Victoria and her 18-month old essence self were able to converse with each other and, in so doing, touch each other’s hearts and souls. The crying that sprang forth from each of their loving eyes was palpable and cathartic – a letting go of the agony of being left behind without her mother or father to nurture her, of not knowing what she had done so wrong to deserve this shocking and painful abandonment, and of being torn away again, this time months later when her parents came back to retrieve little Victoria after she had bonded with her surrogate family. Blinding confusion, self-recrimination and despair were expressed in sobs-from-the-heart and child-like words by baby Victoria; and were immediately soothed and bathed in loving kindness and armfuls of compassion by Victoria, the woman.

At the end of this heart-healing exchange, little Victoria expressed her love and appreciation to her adult counterpart, envisioned as an angel-like mother, along with a desire to stay connected. Needless to say, my client, Victoria, was profoundly moved by the experience, as was I, and felt an enormous release – as if the trauma of the abandonment, some six decades earlier, had finally shifted and morphed into a space of understanding and well-deserved liberation.

Over the next several days, Victoria the woman continued to feel the lightness of this once in a lifetime exchange and watched as areas in her life started to open up and flow more freely – capping an emotional dream come true.

Although trauma from early life, or a past life, is most commonly experienced in present time as issues that are emotional in nature, sometimes they impact the physical body as well.

Another client, Bernardo (not his real name), was clearly disturbed about a skin rash that would simply not go away. Try as he might, he was unsuccessful at clearing up the appearance of rough, scaly skin patches on his arms and back, and then some eczema appeared on his face. Naturally, he was self-conscious about this, and being in the fashion industry only added to his distress.

When we started his session, the Guides promptly showed me a past life of Bernardo’s in which he was ostracized for having a disorder of some kind. But without going into a deep meditative state, I was unable to fully decipher the image I was being shown, or the specific message for him.

After calling in Bernardo’s Higher Self, the Guides had me call in the essence self of Bernardo from four lifetimes ago. Again, since all time is one from my perspective, and past and present merge or overlap into a holistic time frame, it was if I was looking at a mirror image resemblance of Bernardo – who he is today in Spain and who he was in France some 500 years ago.

Within moments, the essence of Bernardo’s past life came through to talk with Bernardo today – two aspects of Bernardo’s Higher Self were able to communicate with each other in the present time frame. And what transpired next took my breath away.

Bernardo in that previous life – four lifetimes ago – was named Pierre. Pierre was a good looking, prosperous young man who enjoyed the company of others, especially women. He was well respected, somewhat of an authority in his town. Then one fateful day he noticed a scarring on certain parts of his body and knew immediately what had happened. He had contracted a dreaded disease – leprosy – for which there was no known cure at the time.

Shocked and anguished by this horrific observation, Pierre made his way to the town’s priest who silently and gently escorted him to a cloistered area far beyond the outskirts of the village where those afflicted with leprosy were gathered to fend for themselves, as best they could. Pierre’s worst nightmare had become a reality. Here he was amongst deformed and scarred individuals, many of whom he could barely look at, much less have empathy for. And yet he realized he was one of them. The shame and self-disgust he felt were numbing. There would be no more physical comfort from family, much less from beautiful women who had poured their favors onto him without hesitation before now. Pierre’s life as he knew it was over.

As Pierre recounted the shock and horror of his life in the leper colony, Bernardo cried out to him, streaming love and compassion to Pierre. Pierre’s inability to look at himself in a puddle of water was in many ways a mirror reflection of Bernardo’s distaste for his own appearance, marred by an unruly skin rash that would simply not go away. That is, until his life-transforming encounter with Pierre – a heartfelt conversation with this past life expression of himself.

As Pierre relayed the only comforting moments of his exiled life to Bernardo, when the town’s priest would come to visit and hold him gently in his fatherly arms, Bernardo wept for both aspects of himself – the man he was today and the shadow of a man that he was in this past life. After exchanging deep feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness for each other, the men felt at peace. I was then guided to facilitate a disconnecting of energetic cords that linked Bernardo with Pierre which were no longer in Bernardo’s highest good.

With care and respect, the two aspects of Bernardo’s Higher Self parted with loving feelings and a clear sense of release, resolution and freedom between them.

As you can well imagine, it was a very powerful session, one that neither Bernardo nor I will soon forget. And, of course, Bernardo’s last question was, “Will my skin get better now?” The Guides smiled broadly. I clearly saw them nod ‘Yes’ in unison.

Within a couple of days, the chronic skin issue that had been plaguing Bernardo for months started to dissipate. Yet, when he had moments of fear surrounding the way he looked, a small recurrence of the skin rash set in again. In response, the Guides directed Bernardo to re-enter or recreate the feelings of energy and love from his encounter with Pierre, and to project himself back into the forgiveness ceremony that he and Pierre had experienced together. Shortly after doing this, Bernardo’s skin began to clear up again and the ‘problem’ has not recurred. This was a telling confirmation to Bernardo that he had truly made peace with his concerns about physical appearance at the soul level. Today Bernardo’s skin is as soft and supple as a young boy’s, and he often thinks of Pierre with kindness, respect and deep gratitude.

As these two real life examples illustrate, issues that we are currently dealing with often have solid roots in our early life, or in a past life of which we may have no conscious awareness. Through helping to facilitate healing and energy shifts for a large number of people around the globe, I have learned that there is no singular or universal approach that works for every person or every situation. Each of us is a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances and lessons to learn in this life. Yet, there are certainly commonalities – they are simply expressed or played out differently in each of us.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from my clients and my Guides, picking up a new gem of insight in virtually every session I conduct. Being in a state of gratitude and staying open to receiving fresh guidance has created a rich, fertile environment for accessing effective, sometimes innovative approaches. From this receptive state of openness and trust, I have been able to assist clients overcome enduring challenges and transform relentless struggle into free-flowing feelings of peace and liberation.

1 Ancestral Healing is based on an awareness that we are impacted by emotional and energetic patterns from prior generations within our family. Accordingly, any unresolved conflict or unhealed emotional wounds of our ancestors may be present within our energetic grid, since this is part of the larger energy pattern of our entire family. Ancestral healing involves healing our ancestors’ unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma, and thereby releasing us from any energetic patterns that link us to them – patterns that can have an inhibiting or disruptive influence on our life today.